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Studio Kaiju is a fun site manned by an amazing 13 year old named Colin Reboy. 

Colin has been calling up celebrities and interviewing them since he was 9 year old, and with the help of his parents, maintains this site with the audio - and now the web cam video - of various celebrities of all arms of the entertainment business. Visit Colin's work at www.studiokaiju.net  

Chuck is listed under "animation" on the site - and was the site's first web cam interview!


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Riot Radio Network w/Evan Ginzburg - March 14, 2007                                  
  • Chuck is gold as he talks about how he got started in puppeteering, the Garry Moore show and his early rounds in New York in the early days of television, acting, writing and fishing for costumes for his daily TV show. 

run time: 20 minutes

Time Travel w/ Don Hollis - New York radio show - December 2006                

run time: 1 hour

The Zigory Show - Solid Vox Network - November 19, 2006                   

(phone interview from Playboy Mansion)

  • The first 3 minutes lists a ton of Chuck's credits - before Chuck can even speak! Hang in there to hear Chuck talking about his friendship with Hugh Hefner, his puppet concerts in clubs and his affinity for drawing.

  • Chuck gives a little insight on his pal Hugh Hefner the movie buff and ends with the kind of program he would do today if he had the opportunity.

run time: 35 minutes

  • You will need Real Player to listen to these particular files only. If you don't have it, you can get it free at this link. Real Player. This will open a new window. Sorry, not our formatting it's there's.

  • The links are from the www.TVParty.com site (which is a fun site). A telephone interview with Chuck and Billy Ingram, one of the main authors on the site. The article with the interview is also good, and you can read it or print it out on our press page: click here


    run time: 40 minutes

TV Party w/Billy Ingram - May 8, 2007 - part 1


Chuck talks about his early days performing on stage and on live TV. He details how his show was done, talks about Sandy Becker giving him his big break, and working with his mentor, legendary puppeteer Paul Ashley. Chuck has some great advice in this interview for performers.


TV Party w/ Billy Ingram - May 8, 2007 - part 2


Chuck talks about the time he was performing the role of Sailor Clyde on the Captain Kangaroo show in 1959 and about living and working (and becoming friends with Jason Robards) in New York in the 1960s. Stories about working on Cool McCool, Turn On (the notorious TV flop that lasted one episode, produced by Laugh-In's George Schlatter), and the Steve Allen Tonight Show. Chuck also talks a bit about playing W. C. Fields in the TV movie Mae West.


TV Party w/ Billy Ingram - May 8, 2007 - part 3


Turns out Chuck and his wife were friends with Mae West and he shares stories of the immortal comedienne and how she had a mini-comeback in the 1970s thanks to his wife Betty, a former agent & Vice President at the William Morris Agency. He also talks about Stan Laurel and the Brown Paper Pete Film Festival that highlights short films produced by young filmmakers. If you live in the L.A. area, look for this event on its website (link above) held currently at the Fine Arts Theater on Wilshire, a wonderful theater in Beverly Hills.  There's nothing like watching films in old movie theaters, a rare treat that is rapidly becoming an anachronism.



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Click on the episode name in the "jukebox" to hear it in its entirety.


The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd  is a great family podcast adventure - available on i-Tunes for subscription. Click Dr. Floyd (r.) to go to his website for more information fun!


The Show:

Dr. Floyd travels through time, meeting historical figures and taking part in events - and thwarting the plans of his evil nemesis Dr. Steve. They're fun stories, good for the whole family!




Click on the episode name in the "jukebox" to hear that show in its entirety.



The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd

created by

Grant Baciocco & Doug Price



click the good Doctor to visit his website,

and subscribe to the show's regular podcast.









"Beware of the Dodo" - episode # 611

Chuck reprises his role as Dr. Floyd's father in this two part episode that was broadcast as part of the "creepy" series, where Dr. Floyd is having bizarre and scary dreams.

run time: 9:38

"Vampire Poachers!" - episode # 612

Part 2 of the above "creepy" series episodes.

run time: 9:18

"Freshly Squeezed" - episode #511

Chuck McCann as Dr. Floyd's father who, with his son, is kidnapped and must get back to save the day!

run time: 10:24

"Like Father, Like Son" - episode #512

The conclusion of the above with Chuck McCann as Dr. Floyd's father.

run time: 6:35

"Go Fly A Kite" - episode #410

with Chuck McCann as Benjamin Franklin

run time: 10:22

"Like A Bolt Out Of The Blue" - episode #411

Part 2 with Chuck McCann as Benjamin Franklin

run time: 9:22

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