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The Cool McCool series ran from 1966-1969 on NBC. Created by Bob Kane (comic book master), everyone's favorite bumbling secret agent faced Kane-type villains such has Jack-In-The-Box, Hurricane Harry, The Rattler, and Owl...all which were voiced by Chuck McCann. In fact, Chuck voiced 90% of the voices outside the lead character of Cool (voiced by Bob McFadden) and the woman parts (voiced by Carol Corbett).


The show itself was kind of a "Get Smart" meets James Bond...for the toon crowd. As mentioned it was created by Bob Kane, but big credit also goes to Al Brosax, who did many Popeye cartoons, but is also known as the man behind the 1964 Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine".


The 3-DVD package is now available in stores, Amazon, etc. and has two great interview features that are priceless for any fan. The first, McCann on McCool, is an interview with Chuck about the series, and how he came up with his characters. Little trivia tidbits of inspiration. (a little sample is below).


The second interview is called, Chatting With Chuck, where Chuck's career in television, film, commercials and everything else, is saluted. Also includes a little performance with Mr. McNasty - one of his famous Paul Ashley puppets! (a little sample is below).



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McCann on McCool

6:40 run time preview


Chatting With Chuck

5:00 run time preview



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