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Boston Legal: (run time 11:01) Chuck plays a no nonsense judge in a case against a priest (Michael Gross) hiding a woman who is an illegal alien (and her son) at the church.


Boston Legal 2: (run time 3:17) Chuck reprises his role as Judge Fudd overseeing a murder case where a mother (Mare Winingham) kills the man who brutally killed her daughter ... and got away with it.

Starsky & Hutch: (run time 10:51)  Chuck plays about 5 different people while playing one character on a movie lot! Bad guy in this one. Chuck is killing off his old pack of actor friends who have not given him his due as a great comedian since being released from prison years before. Look for a cameo of young Jeff Goldblum as the director.

Police Woman: (run time 4:10)  Chuck is a "bag man" who picks up a bag from one place and takes it to another out of obligation to the bad guys for a loan that was made years ago. He's a good guy even though he works for the bad guys. He actually gets shot at the end of this one.

Matt Houston: (run time 2:57) Chuck is a killer after front page headlines and involves Matt Houston in his ring of murdering young girls - and gets his wish!

Bonanza: (run time 6:16) As part of the previously notorious "Younger Brothers" Chuck plays the youngest Younger...a comic trio of bad guys who kidnap Hoss in an attempt to get the Cartwright money.

The Rockford Files: (run time 9:25) Playing a stand up comic who is in some trouble for stealing his ex-partner's jokes...Chuck hears things he's not supposed to so has some mob members after him.

Sliders: (run time 6:21) This sci-fi series is rather hard to explain. It's a cross between Quantum Leap and The Twilight Zone...and Chuck plays a "Colonel" type character to "The King" (an Elvis type), who in this particular episode is actually one of the series regulars who they think has come back from the dead...You'll get it.





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Little House On The Prairie: (run time 11:20) Chuck plays Tinker Jones.  A mute who brings the town back together by working with the kids of Walnut Grove to build a bell for the church/school house.

Kojak: (run time 9:57) Chuck plays the role of "poor guy who gets stuck in the middle" in this one. A girl he meets at a bar ends up dead, and he was the last one to see her alive...

Cagney & Lacey: (run time 2:00) Elvis thefts are going on all over NYC! Chuck owns one of the Elvis costumes and is interviewed by Isbecki & Petrie about the theft.

Knight Rider: (run time 6:38) As a clown in a struggling circus, Chuck ends up being a bad guy trying to steal the show (so to speak).

Concrete Cowboys: (run time 10:05) Two cowboys roam the states getting into trouble and doing good deeds. This one has JD winning a hot air balloon factory in Chicago while playing dice - and his business partners become Chuck and Rosie Gerr!  Sean Penn has a little cameo in this one towards the end.