Happy Days  was a variety/comedy hour that ran on CBS in 1970. The theme of the show was "radio days", and it was full of songs, sketches and stars of that of the 1930's and 40's era. 


The show was hosted by Louie Nye, and had a talented group of variety show singers, dancers and big bands - and featured Edgar Bergin & Charlie McCarthy, Bob & Ray and many others who got their start on radio.


Chuck was a regular in the cast and did many of the characters from his NY shows, as well as Laurel & Hardy sketches with Jim MacGeorge. He also created The Great Voodini, a regular guest on the show who would perform failed escape tricks each week.


Voodini was always presented by our tortured Happy Day's reporter, Hap Hooligan, played by Jack Burns, of the duo Burns & Schreiber.

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