WOW - just discovered, rare footage of Chuck McCann's first network TV appearance.

Playing Oliver Hardy to Dick Van Dyke's Stan Laurel, enjoy this rare footage from The Gary Moore Show!




For a rare clip of a tribute performance with Chuck, Jim MacGeorge and Avery Schreiber

at The Alex Theater, scroll below.


Laurel & Hardy & Chuck


Chuck McCann is one of the five founding members of "The Sons of the Desert", a membership of over 300,000 who pay tribute to the comedy duo of Laurel & Hardy.


This club is dedicated to keeping the team's comedy present and remembered with conventions,  meetings and 150 active "tents" (or chapters) worldwide.  For more information on "Sons of the Dessert" please click on the photo of Chuck & Jim (r.) This will take you to the LA "Way Out West" tent site - but it has a lot of good information to get you started on what the organization is all about and a link to where you can find your closest tent/chapter, as well as some great basic information about Laurel & Hardy and resources where you can get books, movies and all kinds of stuff.


During his career, Chuck has played Oliver Hardy (Ollie) with some great partners portraying Stan Laurel. Dick Van Dyke, Tom Poston, and finally, Jim MacGeorge, have all worked on stage and/or screen with Chuck performing as this great comedy duo.


In the photo on the left, Chuck and Jim are featured as Laurel & Hardy for a photo shoot and feature for Life Magazine. The article was the cover story on "Celebrating The Movies" - pictured (r.).


Jim MacGeorge and Chuck McCann did a series of commercials as Stan & Ollie, for Arby's, Tony's Pizza and Anco Windshield Wipers. To see some samples and clips, scroll to the player below.


The duo of Chuck and Jim performed a tribute to the duo of Laurel & Hardy many times, including The Alex Theater in Glendale, CA. Rare footage of this performance can be found next to the poster for "Another Fine Mess" (a 60th Anniversary tribute show) below. Also featured in this footage is classic comic Avery Schreiber (of Burns & Schreiber, and many memorable Doritos commercials). Runtime is about 12 minutes. Please give it a few moments to load.





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