The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter






Chuck McCann's film debut was as a deaf mute named Spiros Antonapoulos in 1968. Filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia. The film's star Alan Arkin actually helped get Chuck the role. It seems his son Adam was a big fan of "The Chuck McCann Show" and thought he'd make a good fit for this lovable, simple, man with limited mental capacity and an affinity for sweets.


He was right.


Chuck had to gain a lot of weight for the role and learn sign language, but the result is an amazing character, who although is only on screen a short amount of time (vs. the run time) is the most memorable character in the film despite other strong performances.


This film was also the debut for Sondra Locke as Mick. The film received Oscar nominations for both Arkin and Locke for Best Actor and Supporting Actress respectively. There were also four Golden Globe award nominations for the film as Best Picture, Arkin for Best Actor, Locke for Supporting Actress and Best Newcomer.