Everything You Wanted To Know About

"The Godfather" But Don't Ask


Chuck performs as The Godfather himself in this collection of comic/parody skits with the film characters and plot points as the background.





                   Yogi Bear's

Wake Up America!


Chuck McCann speaks and sings all the voices of the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon characters - recorded on this 1965 album. Here, Yogi Bear dreams he's the president of the United States and tries to get America to exercise and eat right.




 Sing Along With Jack


A follow up to the #1 comedy album hit "First Family", Chuck and pal Pat McCormack wrote and perform these great parodies of possible cabinet meetings during the Kennedy administration.


Put together in record time (no pun intended) this album was being recorded as it was being written and completed in one day! It sold 100's of thousands of copies, then was pulled off the shelves due to the missile crisis. These rare clips also have the talents of The Mitch Miller orchestra, chorus and that laughter you hear - is a real audience.





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