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Ok, obviously we're just starting to populate this area. For now, enjoy these edited versions of:


The Bob Newhart Show: Bob and Emily want a romantic getaway in the mountains, and end up with a feuding couple sharing their cabin's bathroom.


Chuck plays the rather annoying and overly friendly neighbor with a broken leg.


The Greatest American Hero: Chuck plays Captain Bellybuster - a burger chain spokesperson - who tips off the FBI of drug trafficking within the company. Now, technically, this clip should have gone under "drama - hour long series"....but its hard to believe this show was a drama. It's funny stuff.


The Fun Factory: This was a short-lived kid's game show starring the late Bobby Van. Chuck guests on this week's show as many characters...


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The Chuck & Pat Comedy Hour:  A series on A&E, Chuck and pal Pat McCormick hosted up and coming comics from the famous Ice House in Pasadena, CA.